Source Install - Linux


PyNE has the following dependencies:

Optional Depenendencies:
  1. MOAB
  2. PyTAPS

Most of the dependencies are readily available through package managers. Once all the dependencies are installed, PyNE can be installed. Download and unzip the source (zip, tar) or checkout a verison from the PyNE repository (Github). Then run the following commands from the directory above the unzipped directory:

cd pyne/
python install --user

The command compiles and installs the PyNE source code. Note that this command must be done in the top PyNE directory. The nuc_data_make builds and installs a database of nuclear data. Unfortunately, this must be done as a second step because most nuclear data is under some form of license restriction or export control which prevents the developers from distributing it with PyNE. However, the nuc_data_make program (which is installed by will do its best to find relevant nuclear data elsewhere on your machine or from public sources on the internet.