Simple Cross Sections – pyne.dbgen.simple_xs

This module adds simple cross section data from KAERI to nuc_data.h5.

All functionality may be found in the simple_xs module:

from pyne.dbgen import simple_xs

Simple Cross Section API

This module provides a way to grab and store simple cross sections from KAERI.

pyne.dbgen.simple_xs.get_xs_from_file(filename, eng, chan)[source]

Parses out a cross section from a KAERI file.

filename : str

Local path to a KAERI neutron cross section summary html file.

eng : str

Energy flag to find this cross section for. (Must be key of simple_xs_energy dictionary).

chan : str

Cross section (interaction channel) to find. (Must be key of simple_xs_channels dict).

data : float

Microscopic cross section in [barns].


Grabs the KAERI files needed for the simple cross sections table, if not already present.

build_dir : str

Major directory to place html files in. ‘KAERI/’ will be appended.


Controller function for adding basic cross section data.

pyne.dbgen.simple_xs.make_simple_xs_tables(nuc_data, build_dir='')[source]

Make the simple cross section tables.

nuc_data : str

Path to nuclide data file.

build_dir : str

Directory to place html files in.


Builds and returns a dictionary from cross-section types to nuclides.