The module implements access to various different sets of fundamental nuclear data stored in the nuc_data.h5 HDF5 database. These include the following distinct datasets:

  • Fundamental constants common to nuclear engineering problems
  • Atomic mass data (JAEA)
  • Natural isotopic abundance data (IUPAC2009)
  • Energy/fission (ORIGEN-S)
  • Gamma Energy/fission (ORIGEN-S)
  • Simple cross sections (KAERI)
  • Dose factors for air, inhalation, soil, ingestion, uptake in fluids and lungs (Hanford report)
  • Coherent/incoherent/total bound scattering lengths (NIST)
  • Fission product yield from WIMSD and NDS (IAEA)
  • X-ray conversion coefficients (BNL)
  • ENSDF decay and level data (BNL)