The PyNE VirtualBox is an Ubuntu 18.04 VirtualBox with PyNE (SHA #371b4b6) preinstalled. In order to setup the VirtualBox follow these steps:

  1. Install Oracle VirtualBox.

  2. Download the PyNE VirtualBox (.ova) file here. This file is 2.5 GB so this may take a while.

  3. Open Oracle VirtualBox. Click File -> Import Appliance, then open the pyne-0.7.0_ubuntu-20.04.ova file.

  4. Follow remaining onscreen instructions.

  5. The VirtualBox can then be started up by clicking the Start arrow. The PyNE installation is in the /home/pyne-user/.local folder and the Pyne source can be found in /home/pyne-user/pyne.

  6. Email any questions to

The default password for the user “pyne-user” is “pyne”.