PyNE 0.3 Release Notes

PyNE 0.3 is the latest, greatest release of PyNE: The Nuclear Engineering Toolkit project after an additional year of effort. PyNE is a free and open source (BSD licensed) project whose goal is to become a necessary package in the computational nuclear engineer’s toolkit. It is meant to play nicely with existing, industry standard nuclear engineering tools. PyNE is meant to be both fast and useful.

Release highlights:

  • Mesh interface

  • ENDF reader

  • Transmutation chain solver

  • PTRAC Reader and HDF5 conversion utility

  • Material library

  • Reaction name handling

  • New and improved nuclide naming convention

This release represnts over 850 commits, 418 files changed, 113361 insertions(+), 84414 deletions(-) since the version v0.2-rc release. Additionally 63 issues were closed on behalf of this release.

Please visit our website for more information: Please email us at if you have any questions on how to use or install PyNE.


This release contains code written by the following people (in alphabetical order). An (*) indicates a first-time contributor to PyNE.

  • Elliott Biondo

  • Carsten Brachem*

  • Christopher Dembia

  • Robert Flanagan

  • Matthew Gidden*

  • Katy Huff

  • Matthew Klebenow*

  • Matt McCormick

  • Mohamad Rabbani*

  • Eric Relson

  • Paul Romano

  • Anthony Scopatz

  • Paul Wilson

  • John Xia