KAERI Helpers – pyne.dbgen.kaeri

This module provides tools for scraping nuclear data off of the KAERI website (http://atom.kaeri.re.kr). These functions are used by other parts of dbgen. Please use with respect.

All functionality may be found in the kaeri module:

from pyne.dbgen import kaeri


pyne.dbgen.kaeri.grab_kaeri_nuclide(nuc, build_dir='', n=None)[source]

Grabs a nuclide file from KAERI from the web and places it a {nuc}.html file in the build directory.

nucstr, int

nuclide, preferably in name form.

build_dirstr, optional

Directory to place html files in.

nNone or int

Optional flag on data to grab. None = basic data, 2 = cross section summary, 3 = cross section graphs.


Parses an elemental html file, returning a set of all occuring isotopes.


Parses an elemental html file, returning a set of naturally occuring isotopes.