WIMSD Fission Product Yields – pyne.dbgen.wimsdfpy

This module provides a way to grab and store raw data for fission product yeilds from the WIMSD library at the IAEA. For more information, please visit their website: https://www-nds.iaea.org/wimsd/index.html or https://www-nds.iaea.org/wimsd/fpyield.htm. Please contact the NDS at nds.contact-point@iaea.org with questions about the data itself.

The copyright for the data parsed here is held by the IAEA and is made available under the following conditions:

Disclaimer: Distributed data products contain consensus values of physical constants. However, neither the network centre nor the IAEA guarantees the accuracy of such data products or their suitability for particular applied scientific purposes.

Copyright: One may use or reproduce data and information from this site with an appropriate acknowledgement to the source of data. One may not charge any subsequent fee for these data.

class pyne.dbgen.wimsdfpy.Parser(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Parser for WIMSD fission product yield files.

Initialize and reset this instance.

If convert_charrefs is True (the default), all character references are automatically converted to the corresponding Unicode characters.

pyne.dbgen.wimsdfpy.grab_fpy(build_dir='', file_out='wimsd-fpyield.html')[source]

Grabs the WIMS fission product yields from the IAEA website


Controller function for WIMS fission products.

pyne.dbgen.wimsdfpy.make_fpy_table(nuc_data, build_dir='')[source]

Adds the neutron scattering lengths to the nuc_data library.


Path to nuclide data file.


Directory the html files in.


Converts fission product yeild data to a numpy array.