ENDL File Support – pyne.endl

Module for parsing and manipulating data from ENDL evaluations.

For the moment, classes and functions in this module only implement the specifications relevant to the EEDL (Evaluated Electron Data Library) and the EPDL (Evaluated Photon Data Library). The formats are described by the following documents:

“ENDL type formats for the Livermore Evaluated Photon Data Library, EPDL” https://www.oecd-nea.org/dbdata/data/manual-endf/nds_eval_epdl.pdf

“ENDL type formats for the Livermore Evaluated Electron Data Library, EEDL” https://www.oecd-nea.org/dbdata/data/manual-endf/nds_eval_eedl.pdf

For more information, contact Davide Mancusi <davide.mancusi@cea.fr>.

class pyne.endl.DataTuple(yo, limits, x1)

Create new instance of DataTuple(yo, limits, x1)

property limits

Alias for field number 1

property x1

Alias for field number 2

property yo

Alias for field number 0

class pyne.endl.Library(fh)[source]

A class for a file which contains multiple ENDL tables.

get_rx(self, nuc, p_in, rdesc, rprop, x1=None, p_out=None)[source]

Grab the data for one reaction type.


id form of nucleus to read from.


ENDL incident particle designator


ENDL reaction descriptor


ENDL reaction property

x1int or None

ENDL atomic subshell indicator (if applicable)

yoint or None

ENDL outgoing particle designator (if applicable)

dataNumPy array

Contains the reaction data in a n-by-m-dimensional array. The values of n and m depend on the reaction property rprop.