Cross Section Cache – pyne.xs.cache

This module provides a cross section cache which automatically extracts cross-sections from provided nuclear data sets.

class pyne.xs.cache.XSCache(group_struct=None, scalars=None, data_sources=(<class 'pyne.xs.data_source.CinderDataSource'>, <class 'pyne.xs.data_source.OpenMCDataSource'>, <class 'pyne.xs.data_source.SimpleDataSource'>, <class 'pyne.xs.data_source.EAFDataSource'>, <class 'pyne.xs.data_source.NullDataSource'>))[source]

A lightweight multigroup cross section cache based off of python dictionaries. This relies on a list of cross section data source from which discretized group constants may be computed from raw, underlying data. Normally this requires that some cross section data be built into nuc_data. A default instance of this class is provided (pyne.xs.cache.xs_cache).

group_structarray-like of floats, optional

Energy group structure E_g [MeV] from highest-to-lowest energy, length G+1. If the group structure is not present in the cache or is None, all cross sections pulled from the sources will not be discretized or collapsed.

data_sourceslist of DataSources and DataSource classes, optional

Sequence of DataSource obejects or classes from which to grab cross section data. Data from a source earlier in the sequence (eg, index 1) will take precednce over data later in the sequence (eg, index 5). If a class is given rather than an object, the class is instantiated.


Clears the cache, retaining E_g and phi_g.

load(self, temp=300.0)[source]

Loads the cross sections from all data sources.